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Worry Free Mortgage in Calgary strives to provide mortgage rate options that work for every individual.

Check out our current rates below and feel free to contact us with any questions. Sometimes lenders offer rates specials and we are able to secure you a lower rate than what is offered. To see if a lender is running a rate special, contact us today.

Last updated: June 6th, 2019.

Term Our Rates
Fixed Less than 20% down (insured) More than 20% down (conventional)
1 year 2.69 % 2.69 %
2 years 2.69 % 2.69 %
3 years 2.64 % 2.69 %
4 years 2.69 % 2.69 %
5 years 2.54 % (2.39% 'No frills mortgage') 2.59 % (Some LTVs) (Loan To Value)
10 years 2.94 % 2.94 % (Some LTVs)
Variable Less than 20% down (insured) More than 20% down (conventional)
3 years 3.95 % 3.95 % (Some LTVs)
5 years 2.90 % 2.90 % (Some LTVs)
Current Prime Rate 3.95 %



We act as your representation to all lending institutions. Working one-on-one with you, we find out your short and long-term goals to find a product and rate that works best for your needs. Unlike the lending institution, we keep your interests as our top priority. This allows us to secure you the top deal possible. Our knowledge ensures that the process goes smoothly and as easy as possible for all our clients. Most importantly, there is no fee to use our services! Mortgage associates are paid a finder’s fee by the institution.


We know that when it comes to choosing a mortgage, it can get a little overwhelming. When it comes to new purchases, we can lead you through how to secure a down payment, which documents you will need to supply, and go through your credit score.

A good credit score means you will receive better interest rates for your mortgage. The higher your score is means you are less likely to miss payments and more likely to pay off debt. Whether you are looking to renew your mortgage, are making a new purchase, or are looking to improve your credit, Worry Free Mortgages is your valuable source of information.