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Worry Free Mortgage wants you to be educated when you come in to apply for a mortgage. Here’s what you should know:











Funds being used for a down payment are required to be verified by all lenders.

When you are using your own money for your down payment, lenders will ask you for a 90-day history of funds. This means that the mortgage associate you are working with must provide the lender with verification of where your down payment has been for the past 90 days.

Account statements showing the history of your money must include an account number, your name and a running date history to show the length of time the money has been in your possession.

If you are using gifted funds for all or a portion of your down payment then the lender will require that a gift letter be filled out and signed.

They will also require proof that the funds have been deposited into your account.

Any money being used towards a down payment that has come into your possession within the 90-day window will need to be documented.

Tax returns, bonuses at work or the sale of an asset, such as a car, will require additional documents to verify their source before the lender will allow those funds to be used as a down payment.

Discuss your down payment with one of our mortgage associates to make sure that you understand the lender’s requirements.




Step 1: Fill out our full mortgage application form.
(If you have any questions about the form at all we would love to help. Our goal is to make this as Worry Free for you as possible.) 

The first step in the process of buying your home is our mortgage application. Our online mortgage application, in most cases, will provide all of the information we require to get you pre-approved for the mortgage you need. 

Step 2: We will also need you to email us copies of two pieces of ID. You can send them to: (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

For a pre-approval that is all we need. When we want to have the mortgage fully approved as a live deal the lender will want to review some additional documents such as:

  1. Job letters & Paystubs
  2. Tax documents. (NOAs or T1s) 
  3. Proof of down payment

(The lender may ask for more but as your mortgage broker we will walk you through the process.)



At Worry Free Mortgage we have a great deal of experience helping new to Canada families get into their first home.

If you are new to Canada you can still obtain a mortgage with as little as 5% for your down payment.
Our mortgage associates would love to help you. If you are new to Canada, please fill out our mortgage application (link) and we will be sure to follow up to learn more about your unique situation.
We work with several lenders who participate in new to Canada programs.

Some highlights are:
There is no minimum period of residency required for some new to Canada programs.
We can utilize ‘alternative credit’ for new to Canada files where credit history may not be well established.
We can get you a mortgage even if you are not a permanent resident provided you have a valid work permit and 10% for your down payment. Some established credit will also be needed in this type of situation.
Even if you cannot purchase a home today our mortgage associates can worth with you to build a plan to achieve home ownership.
Our mortgage associates would be happy to sit down with you to provide you a solid education about mortgages in Canada. There is ABSOLUTLEY NO COST TO YOU for this consultation. Contact us if you would like to book a time with one of our associates: (403)374-2222.

At Worry Free Mortgage we are truly here to serve you!



1) To secure a lower interest rate.
Things to remember:
a) You will need your mortgage professional to calculate the cost/benefit of this mortgage transaction.
b) There are expenses. There will be a penalty for exiting your current mortgage. An appraisal will be required. You will also need a lawyer so there will be some legal expense.
If the numbers make sense … Don’t let the costs deter you. You can potentially save THOUSANDS of dollars refinancing out of a higher interest rate mortgage into a lower interest rate mortgage.

2) To access equity in your home.
Things to remember:
a) You can only access up to 80% of your home's value when you refinance.
b) You can use the money you access as you see fit. (Investments, home renovations, education or medical costs are common uses for proceeds of a refinance.)
c) There are several ways to access the equity in your home. You don’t always need to break your mortgage. You can add a home equity line of credit or some lenders will allow you to blend and extend your mortgage without you having to pay a penalty.

If you have questions about your options please contact a Worry Free mortgage associate and they will make sure all your questions are answered.

3) To consolidate debt.
Things to remember:
a) Worry Free Mortgage Associates offer FREE consultations about whether a mortgage debt consolidation is a good fit for you.
b) You can potentially save thousands by reducing your overall interest cost on your debt.
c) If you are struggling with debt sooner is better than later.

We are here to help you and not the bank. As independent mortgage professionals we put it in black and white that we are looking out for your best interests and not the banks. Please check out our disclosure statement that clearly outlines that we work for you! (disclosure link) - Check out section 4.3

We will only represent you:
a) Our responsibilities to you include:
i. To represent your best interests
ii. Recommend a particular mortgage solution (s)
iii. Advocate on your behalf
Our mortgage associates really do work for you!



Reverse Mortgages are a completely different mortgage solution for Canadians that are 55 or older.

There are two providers of reverse mortgages in Canada and your Worry Free mortgage associate has access to both of them.

Benefits of reverse mortgages:
A reverse mortgage allows you to access and utilize the equity you have built up in your home.
Many seniors cannot qualify for standard mortgages due to their income no longer being as strong as when they were working. Reverse mortgages DO NOT use income to qualify.
You maintain full ownership of your home.
Reverse Mortgages never require you to requalify after you enter the product. Mortgages can require you to ‘re-qualify’ at maturity which can be difficult for fixed income retirees.
There are no interest or principal payments for as long as you or your spouse live in the house.
You can even have your house write you a cheque every month to improve your monthly cash flow.
You qualify based on the equity in your home.



Self-employed individuals often have difficulty getting qualified with the big banks.

The difficulty often stems from the fact that the banks are only interested in a business owner’s ‘taxable income’ for purposes of qualifying for a mortgage.

Business owners often pay themselves as little as possible to reduce the amount of income tax they have to pay.
Worry Free Mortgage works with many different lenders and as a result our mortgage associates have a greater range of options to get self-employed individuals qualified.

Some of our lenders will let the customer qualify for the mortgage on business bank statements rather than tax documents. This can make a huge difference.

When qualifying for a mortgage as a self-employed individual you will likely have to produce a different set of documents to the lender than someone who is on salary.

You can expect the lender to request:
1) Personal tax information. (NOAs – notice of assessments and T1 Generals)
2) Business tax filings.
3) Business bank statement.
4) Contracts.
5) Invoices.
6) Corporate docs or business license.

If you are self-employed individual who would like to explore what our mortgage associates can do for you, please fill out our form (link) and we will follow up with you to get you that mortgage.



A HELOC is very different from a mortgage.

The first major difference is that you are not required to make principle payments on the loan.

You are only required to make interest payments. This generates a lower monthly obligation, but the balance does not decrease if you only make the minimum required payment.

The second major difference is that a HELOC is ‘re-advanceable’. If you pay your HELOC down below the limit you can access that money again in the future if you need it.

A family’s home is usually their most valuable asset. Having access to the equity in the home can often be very helpful when a homeowner needs to access a significant amount of money for a significant expense.

A pure HELOC can only go up to 65% of the value of your home but a HELOC mortgage combo can go as high as 80% of the value of your home.

People will often use HELOCS to cover education costs, medical bills or home improvements. HELOCS are also often used for investments.

If you have questions about HELOCS or think that one might be a fit for you please call us at (403) 374-2222 or fill out our application (link). A Worry Free Mortgage associate would be happy to discuss a HELOC in more detail with you.



A ‘Switch’ is also called a ‘Transfer’.

In very simple terms you are simply switching or transferring your current mortgage to a new lender.

Most of the time this is simply done to secure a better interest rate for your mortgage.

The great thing about a switch is that it is ABSOLUTLEY FREE. You do not need to pay anything to have your Worry Free mortgage associate secure you a better rate than your current offer.

If your mortgage is coming up for renewal fill out our application (link) and we will get working to secure the best market rate for you when your current mortgage matures.



We act as your representation to all lending institutions. Working one-on-one with you, we find out your short and long-term goals to find a product and rate that works best for your needs. Unlike the lending institution, we keep your interests as our top priority. This allows us to secure you the top deal possible. Our knowledge ensures that the process goes smoothly and as easy as possible for all our clients. Most importantly, there is no fee to use our services! Mortgage associates are paid a finder’s fee by the institution.


We know that when it comes to choosing a mortgage, it can get a little overwhelming. When it comes to new purchases, we can lead you through how to secure a down payment, which documents you will need to supply, and go through your credit score.

A good credit score means you will receive better interest rates for your mortgage. The higher your score is means you are less likely to miss payments and more likely to pay off debt. Whether you are looking to renew your mortgage, are making a new purchase, or are looking to improve your credit, Worry Free Mortgages is your valuable source of information.