How to enter Client's information from a Phone call into Pipedrive?

  1. Click Pipedrive Icon in Taskbar
  2. Enter Login Information:
    2. ….. check WFM Passwords
  3. Click “GREEN +” at the top of the screen.
  4. Click PERSON.
  5. Enter information the Call-in provided you on the phone. Below is an Example of what and how to enter information:

Name:                              Melissa MacLean
Organization:                   leave this blank
Label:                               leave this blank
Phone:                             (403) 991-0029 – (USE: MOBILE. Include: brackets, space & dash)
Email:                     – (USE: HOME)
Confirmed/Correct?         Yes – 2021.09.10 **date you are entering Lead**
Source of Contact?         Shine FM
Purpose:                         Pre-Approval
Person Notes:                 09/15 – client wants to get preapproved, has $30k for down, half from                                          gifted funds from mom, wants to purchase $350k townhouse, self-                                                employed painter, best time to call after 6pm.

  1. Click SAVE and the new Person’s Profile will open.
  2. On the right hand side, click EMAIL.
  3. Delete the Email Address in the TO: Line.
  4. Enter:
  5. Click TEMPLATES
  6. Click New WFM Call in template
  7. This Template will auto-populate with the Information you entered.
  8. Click SEND.
  9. Melissa will receive a copy of this Email and decide which Mortgage agent will contact them.