How to submit Deals for Compliance to Axiom?

  1. This needs to be completed every Monday morning.
  1. Melissa will email a List of Client Names to submit for Compliance.
  1. Check the Client’s Folder for a Signed AXM Disc, Signed MPP (Waived or Applied), MPP INDEM and Signed Commitment (Check to see if there is one that says “modified or V2 or correct”. USE THAT ONE).
  1. Log into Piper/Scarlett… CLICK LINK: Piper 3.0 – Home ( 

Log into Piper/Scarlett…………………. check WFM PASSWORDS 
Click COMMISSIONS                                     
Click DEALS                                        
Choose SEARCH DEAL                                    
In the DEAL ID – this is located on the MPP INDEM Form under Mortgage Application Number. Example: IFMS-123456 
Click FIND
Choose the Deal with the same Deal ID
Click the Blue IFMS-XXXXX-1 to open the File                                     
Click COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST at the top                                               
Drag and Drop the Signed AXM Disc, Signed Commitment, Signed MPP (Waived or Applied) and MPP INDEM in the appropriate Sections          Click Pink SUBMIT TO COMPLIANCE. You are done.

  1. Login to Pipedrive.
  1. Top middle, enter Client’s Last Name and search Pipedrive for their Deal.
  1. Click the correct Deal.
  1. On the left-hand side, in the “Compliance done?” section, click EXPERT DONE & CONTACT.

If you are missing…………………………………………..
Log into DocuSign…………. check WFM PASSWORDS
Top left-hand side of the page, click MANAGE
Top right-hand side of the page, enter Client’s Name
If their Disclosure Statement is not there, email Melissa & Kelsey that it is missing.

Check Client folder to see if the SIGNED MPP – WAIVED or APPLY  is there.
If it is, CLICK LINK: What to do after a Client signs an MPP Form? (
If it is not there, email Melissa & Kelsey.