Audrey Gutsche

Mortgage Associate


Can you think of something worse than having to write your own bio?? I’m nearly 100% sure no one will read this, but if you are, give me a call and prove me wrong!

Foremost, I am happily devoted to the most wonderful man and our two very active boys. Trying new things is my number one favorite hobby and I’m up for an adventure any day of the week. If I am not riding my motorcycle or flying down a ski hill you can find me creating art, cooking (and eating) lots of good food and enjoying the peeps in my life. I may have slight delusions of grandeur but it serves me well as I tend to go big or go home.

What really makes me happy is listening to the stories people have to tell about their lives; where they’ve been, what their dreams are, how they plan to get there. I truly get excited when I am able to help bring those dreams to life.

Being a mortgage associate allows me to do just that.

Purchasing a home is one of the most life changing decisions many people will ever make. Getting to be a part of your life in that aspect is both an honour and a privilege. I look forward to meeting all the people I will get to work with and I can honestly say that I am always a little sad to say goodbye once our deal is done. Saying goodbye to my customers is the least favorite part of my job …. So much so that you may never be rid of me!

Audrey Gutsche
Your Mortgage Associate

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