The most exciting thing about being a mortgage associate is the fact that it is a service oriented business. We get to help you out with your mortgage and not charge you for those services. We have encountered some frequently asked questions and wanted to go over those with you since you may have some of these same questions.

What exactly is a mortgage associate?

A mortgage associate is the person that represents you to the lending/financial institutions. Our job is to find out what your mortgage needs and expectations are and in turn find the mortgage that best suits those needs. We shop around at the lending institutions and find the best rate and terms for you and submit your application to the lender, then negotiate the best deal with them. While we wait for your mortgage to fund we keep an eye on the mortgage rates for you and will secure the best possible rate for you right up to the funding date. We represent you, the client, and keep your best interest in mind. In essence we do everything we can to get you the best deal possible. If you ever need mortgage advice feel free to give us a call and we can help you out before, during and even after your mortgage is funded. Feel free to phone with general inquiries as well, we are here to serve!

When would I need to use your services?

The most obvious situation would be when you purchased a new home. However, there are other opportunities to use our services as well. If you are looking at renewing your mortgage come to us 120 days before your renewal date - that gives us more time to acquire the best rate for you. Also, if you would like to refinance your existing mortgage, and get some equity out of your home, we can help to make it a smooth and stress free process.

Who will my mortgage be with?

Being a mortgage associate allows me to shop around to 30 plus institutions to find you the best rate and product to meet your mortgage needs. The institutions range from big banks like Scotiabank and TD Canada Trust to mortgage insurance and trust companies .

How much will it cost me to use a mortgage associate?

There is no fee to use our services. As mortgage associates, we are paid a finders fee by the bank, upon funding of the mortgage. For your free professional service give us a call.

Why would I use a mortgage agent instead of going to my bank?

We have access to many different financial institutions and can get the best available rate for you. We can get you even better rates than you can get by going into your local bank.

What if I love the idea but won't be getting a mortgage in the near future?

Please refer us to your friends and family. We are in business because we are good at what we do and our customers tell their friends. We really appreciate any and all of your referrals, and we are dedicated to giving our best service to all who come to us.

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