Document Checklist

Things We Might Ask You For

Proof of Income:

  • Employment letter - Must have the following:
    • Company letterhead
    • Guaranteed hours and hourly wage or annual salary amount
    • Start Date
    • Position at Job
    • Contact name and phone number
  • Copy of Recent Paystub
  • Latest 2 years NOAs (Notice of Assessment) or T4s


  • Latest 2 years NOAs
  • Latest 2 years financial statements (if an incorporated company)
  • Latest 2 years T1 Generals with Statement of Business Activities (if a sole proprietor)

Proof of Downpayment:

  • Savings: 3 Month bank account history
  • Investments: Copy of Investments ie. Stocks, bonds, GIC, RRSP, mutual funds
  • Gift: A signed gift letter and a bank statement showing funds being deposited to your account

Other Items:

  • Lawyer’s contact details
  • Void cheque to set up pre-authorized mortgage payments
  • Current Mortgage Statement and most recent Property Tax Bill on any existing properties
  • Purchase Agreement and MLS listing or floorplans if a property is being purchased

Sample Documents

Please Click on the Links below to view samples of required documents:

- Employment Letter

- Pay Stub

- 3 Month Account History

- Gift Letter

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